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When a Houston crime compromises your dreams and goals: Broken Dreams

Dear Houston, Texas,

Three months ago, we got robbed in Houston, Texas while dining at a restaurant. We got stuck in Houston traffic that day. We used GPS to navigate us to the restaurant. Criminals broke out our window and took everything. The restaurant and the city police never reviewed the surveillance footage of the criminals in action. They don’t seem interested in apprehending the thieves. In the first degree grand theft, the thieves took our dreams. Have you ever lost a dream to thieves

Three months later, the Houston crime committed against us has impacted our dreams and goals. We lost $10,000+ worth of personal possessions and $50-$100K worth of intellectual property. My dream to become a screenwriter darkened after the thieves broke out the driver side window while the security team took an extended break in broad daylight. My best screenwriter work is gone. Movie taglines are gone. Script ideas are lost. Many valuable writing samples are missing. The original Carrabba’s Italian Grill swept the case under their rug.

Meanwhile, our hardship has worsened from bad to extremely dire. The thieves cleaned out our vehicle. They smashed the window, which cost me $240 to repair. The restaurant tells me that it happens all across America. They didn’t care that we had to drive 1,200 miles through five states to reach our final destination. We had to drive in crime-infested Houston with no window to protect us from criminals.

It is very frustrating to realize the Houston police have no interest in a first degree grand theft. A first degree grand theft is a crime committed against another in which the amount of loss exceeds $10,000+. These thieves most likely plotted this robbery. Bashing out a window in broad daylight while surveillance footage is filming them is bold. These thieves are violent criminals who would harm any person standing in their way.

While in the restaurant, I wanted to walk out to the car. The server disappeared for awhile with our credit card and gift card. Once the server returned, he didn’t use my credit to charge a portion of the bill. We wanted to give him a good tip. Too many coincidences delayed us longer. I planned to drive across the street to get money, which then I could tip the server.

Imagine if I walked out to the vehicle to find thieves robbing us. This would have been a violence crime. Houston police are not interested in pursuing a grand theft case. They have enough evidence to pursue this criminals. You can lose a dream in a matter of an hour.

Houston ruined our lives. It is easy for people to say that material possessions are replaceable. These people are usually living lavishly to endure such a loss. The criminals could care less about ruining dreams and goals. They choose to steal dreams to feed their bad habits. Karma seems to ignore their actions until the next life.

My insurance company rejected my insurance claim several times, acting in bad faith due to informal conversation via e-mail that resulted in my policy getting canceled 6 months before the policy end date. This insurance company really frustrates me. While traveling on the road, I attempted to contact my agent. I got bad information from another receptionist. I was too busy with driving and keeping our possessions secure that I didn’t take the e-mail process seriously.

This is a major insurance company using informal and vague e-mails to cancel out a perfectly good renter’s insurance policy. We’re not talking about a small life insurance company requesting a fax, signature, policy number, and strict details. This is an insurance company that has 30 pages of how they can cancel you and what they won’t cover, but two vague sentences that state in writing and to return policy in mail. That’s it!

According to my agent, the e-mail cancellation was not even considered valid until two months prior to my loss. Most of the customers don’t even know about this policy change. The policy cancellation reads the same in 2006 as it does in 2012. According to a claim’s manager at their headquarters, the policy has never changed. He noted that they always accepted e-mails as a form of writing. My e-mail never included my policy number, a signature, and were unclear responses. Imagine losing out $10,000+ on a great renter’s insurance policy you never knew covered anything outside of your apartment.

Why would I want to cancel a great renter’s insurance policy? It doesn’t make any sense. They can apologize all they want about me losing out $10-$20K and our lives going down in the dumbs. Because of this insurance company refusing to pay out the claim, we were forced to cancel City of San Francisco tests that could have landed us finance jobs that pay $60-75K per year. We are experiencing major hardship. My worst mistake was dealing with e-mails on an I-Phone. I attempted to reach my agent. I never tried to call again until after the loss.  Via e-mail communication, I somehow got my renter’s insurance policy canceled. Every staff member associated with this insurance policy apologized this terrible event happened with the policy. None of them can repair the mistake.

My renter’s insurance policy was good until October 2012. I’ve held the policy since 2006. I also have auto insurance and life insurance. Almost 10 years with an insurance company and their headquarters is sticking to informal e-mails as concrete evidence of cancellations. They are using an informal request based on 0 percent knowledge of coverage. Not once in 6 years did I know I could be covered outside of the apartment. If I known then that my renter’s insurance was canceled, why would I file a claim that they accepted on April 18, 2012, two days after my loss? Shady practice with informal requests, not being able to discuss the policy further, and a claim’s department lacking integrity in reviewing the cancellation is suspect of bad faith. Policy holders don’t deserve to be treated this way. I’m sure thousands have suffered tremendously due to cancellation mistakes.

The city of Houston compromised my dreams and dreams. My intellectual property is gone forever. I don’t even have a copy of my graduate thesis on “The Impact of Rent Control on Homeless Housing Shortages”. The thieves probably erased my Apple hard drive and sold the laptop to a Pawn Shop and or another college student. These pathetic losers have no clue how much damage they caused. If the Houston police are too lazy to investigate this grand theft crime, then karma will take action one way or another.

I would not feel sorry one bit if demons possessed these thieves. Voodoo, Hoodoo, and whatever malevolent beings will take action for compromising dreams. These thieves are permitted to commit crimes. Why worry about getting caught? Apparently, Houston police don’t act quick enough to investigate first degree grand theft. The Houston police were given a good lead. They have access to video footage. The daylight provided ample lighting to show the criminals in action. I’m sure their vehicle license plate number is on camera because there is no way they are running on foot with heavy luggage and bags.

We will never have access to the surveillance. According to an investigator, they believe the video surveillance is lost. After three months, this crime will remain unsolved. Why do we think this crime is serious? These same criminals are probably committing crime against people as we speak. They never learned their lesson.

San Jose and Santa Clara police once solved an identity theft case committed against me. San Jose is a highly populous city. The police acted quick in to apprehend the criminal impersonating me. It takes a police department to take action instead of making excuses that there is too much crime to engage into petty crimes. According to Texas law, a crime of $10,000+ is a first degree grand theft. These criminals planned to rob us.

There you have it. We lost our dreams to thieves. I would never visit Houston ever again. If I write a book, I will avoid Houston at all cost. I refuse to go to Houston. My insurance company is acting in bad faith to deny my claim. The truth about their actions will soon be exposed as well.

The Carrabba’s restaurant never once called me to see if we made it home safe. They never informed us about the film footage. The restaurant doesn’t hire on security for three hours in the afternoon, the exact time frame we got robbed. This is no petty crime that should be swept under the rug. If criminals are never caught, they will commit another crime against. How are customers going to feel safe then?

Outside travelers must avoid high risk areas. According to the security officer and the Carrabba’s general manager, the Kirby Drive area is an exclusive Houston district. They noted that criminals will hit up the rich areas such as the surrounding location there. We did nothing wrong that day to stop at the original Carrabba’s to have a later lunch. It was our mistake to trust this location because we didn’t know their security is given a three hour break.

It is unfortunate that Carrabba’s, Houston police and my insurance company are refusing to resolve this grand theft case. People have a right to know the truth about their lack action. Should a restaurant call victims the next day? We were travelers that had no window. It is not safe pulling over to sleep at a hotel and or a rest stop. Carrabba’s doesn’t care. They transformed their traditional parking lot into valet parking. They give their security a three hour daily break. We never heard anything about the footage filming the grand theft in action.

If Carrabba’s hired on their security to cover the gap, our lives would be much better. They tell I should just accept the loss. Sorry is not enough. Replenishing $46 on a gift card is nothing compared to losing a dream you worked 20 years to reach. I served in the Air Force. I earned four college degrees. The lack of insight on April 16, 2012 resulted in our most valuable possessions and intellectual property getting stolen.

The restaurant didn’t show any compassion once we left their property. They admitted that their security is there to keep their staff safe. Why have surveillance cameras in the parking structure they built to make a profit on the valet paring. It seems fishy that criminals can bust out a window. The noise alone would alert anyone to investigate the commotion. What happened on that footage that day? Who was involved in this crime? Were there insiders feeding information to the criminals?

Why has the Houston police not taken action? They could easily request sensitive information using a police letterhead. The third party already knows because I talked to their legal department. The criminals were given the freedom to commit a crime. Nobody is doing anything to fight crime.

Based on the four Houston bank robberies five days after the crime against us, criminals can do what they want in this city. Houston is not safe. I never felt this way about any city in  my life. I traveled to many cities across the United States. Not once have I experienced a travel disaster such as this crime against us on April 16, 2012 at the Carrabba’s Italian Grill’s new parking structure. They can say this is the first time a crime has occurred there. They swept the crime under the rug to keep operable. In result, our lives are in shambles.

Houston police use their high crime to make excuses. The original Carrabba’s Italian Grill sweeps the crime under their rug to ignore grand theft committed against first time customers. According to their Town and Country insurance company, customers are not entitled to security. It is Carrabba’s good nature to provide security to protect their patrons. It is acceptable then to provide inadequate security to save money on the downtime? In opinion, Carrabba’s doesn’t think they need security during these 3 hours due to slow business.

In the restaurant, there were plenty of customers to protect. It was busy then. Is this the reason the security guard interrogated me for owning a vehicle that got robbed? He could’ve been more considerate toward our loss. He changed his attitude once he realized we were out-of-state travelers passing through Houston.

Houston police finally assigned an officer to investigate the crime. It took them 5-6 weeks to assign a detective to a first degree grand theft. Don’t count on detectives to return any calls. Houston police has never returned any of my calls. I was proactive in helping them apprehend these criminals. In time, their inability to engage into a case with surveillance footage and a third party with a name of a person connected to a stolen item is not enough to motivate Houston police to react.

Houston police use common excuses such as one officer sharing a past crime against them. Another officer requests you to repeat a case number several times because the computer system is malfunctioning. In the first few weeks, a few female operators think that responding with a attitude will make you go away. Carrabba’s and Town and Country insurance also shared past crimes against them that resulted in a loss. Houston is a city continue to make excuses that violence crimes are their main priority.

First degree grand theft is nothing to them. If you plan to visit Houston, Texas, just know that may get robbed. According to a restaurant manager, the police are too busy with violent crimes and murder cases, noting that crime victims are thus requested to call the Houston police to report a crime. The victims of crime have become the crime stoppers. Based on Houston PD’s slow response time in our first degree grand theft case, don’t expect them to investigate the crime in time.

Houston, you suck!

p.s. Houston weather sucks too. If it wasn’t so hot that day, I would have put on my Aviator leather jacket. There is nothing worth doing in Houston.


Victims of Houston crime


Travel tips

About to visit Houston this week? Passing through Houston via I-10? The following travel tips may reduce your chance at getting robbed.

  • Take your luggage inside a restaurant.
  • Avoid dining inside restaurants if you have out-of-state license plates.
  • Never stop at a gas station prior to visiting a shopping mall and or restaurant.
  • Scan the surrounding area. If you see a suspicious vehicle parked there, immediately leave the parking lot and or inform security.
  • Avoid texting and looking down at your phone to stay alert.
  • Never fumble around with your personal belongings in a parking lot.
  • Keep personal possessions in your trunk.
  • Get an alarm.
  • Maintain an active renter’s insurance policy to cover any losses.
  • Don’t expect the police to protect you.
  • Keep a copy of your car registration in a separate location
  • Never leave important documents in bags – lock away in glove compartment or store in tough to reach place.
  • Hide personal belongings to make it harder for criminals to locate
  • Avoid Houston, Texas

Please read disclaimer. These travel tips are based on personal experiences. You agree to use at your own risk.

Visit Houston blog will not be held liable for any advice and tips applied to increase public awareness.

Visit Houston blog operates as an independent resource center to inform the public to increase awareness. Thank you.

After our car theft on April 16, 2012, four bank robberies took place 5 days later in Houston

Houston is showing its true colors. Why would any person want to visit Houston? Five days after we experienced at major loss at the hands of thieves breaking out our driver side window in broad daylight to steal our valuables totaling $10,000 plus many thousands in intellectual property, four banks were robbed in the same week.

We hear from many people that Houston police have better things to do than deal with our case. If the Houston police engaged into our robbery/theft case, just maybe the crime network could be cracked. The security guard ,making the police report on April 16, 2012 stated that Carrabba’s and he were going to review the surveillance film.

However, nearly 10 weeks later, our calls and faxes are ignored. Good police stations investigate crimes. Some suggest Houston police deal with violent criminal cases first. In my opinion, the four bank robberies demonstrate that criminals are hard up for money. In one of the bank robberies, the robbery suspect went into a bank nearby a Houston police station. Even worse, the robber shot a bullet in the air.

Now tell us that engaging in a major theft case is unimportant. If these criminals are breaking out a window in broad daylight to remove two luggage bags (one almost 50 pounds), three bags (1 large bag), jackets, car registration and insurance papers, they are obviously dangerous enough to harm another person. What if the Houston police reviewed the surveillance with the restaurant the next day?

Houston, Texas is obviously a deadbeat city. This car theft case involving thousands of dollars in personal property and vandalism are ignored, then what makes Houston travelers think the police will protect them? The common excuse that crime is everywhere is an excuse.

Along the cross country travels twice along the I-10 route, we have never experienced anything like that in Houston, Texas. We actually avoided Houston, Texas 7 years ago. This time we decided to use a Carrabba’s gift card on the wrong day at the wrong restaurant and while the security team were out on their 3-hour daily break.

Of course, criminals will enter a new;y constructed garage located adjacent to the original Carrabba’s to steal valuable possessions. Nothing was placed out in the open to entice criminals. I suspect the inadequate security and the poor surveillance system enabled the thieves to break out our window and remove heavy bags with no resistance.

In the bank robbery cases, the robbers somehow walked into the banks to rob them. The ABC news report makes no reference to any security guards. Again,we ask why anyone would want to visit Houston?

We lived in Los Angeles for 7 years. Prior to LA, we lived in San Jose for 6 years. Not once have we had our possessions stolen, We parked underneath a San Antonio bridge while staying in a Choice suite. The hotel had ample security to ensure safety of all vehicles.

In the Carrabba’s case, you have a rich Houston area with criminals doing as they please. Do you want to eat inside a restaurant that claims that they’re unable to control the events that take place in a parking structure they constructed since they want to make money off the traditional paring lot? I wouldn’t dine at that Carrabba’s restaurant if it were the last place to eat in this world.

According to ABC 13 in Houston, there have been 48 robberies in Houston in the first 4 months of 2012. Wow! I wish we read that report prior to stopping in Houston, Maybe having access to that information would have saved us from getting jacked. Whatever anyone says, this case is more than just burglary.

After reading the news report, we now understand why there is crime in Houston, The Houston police are slow to investigate a case. People claim they bigger crimes to investigate, but our loss is something that could have possibly pointed them to a larger crime network. When you have criminals shattering windows in daylight hours to steal everything you own, then they have no fear in violently harming another person.

The restaurant want to detach from the adverse incident. However, their decision to leave open a 3-hour gaps and to suggest security is only in effect to serve their needs, then this is the reason that criminals get way with crime. We have a Houston police department that took 5 weeks to assign an officer to the case. Then, the Houston police never followed-up with the evidence to request information from a third party company. Furthermore, the Houston police never reviewed the surveillance footage filming the robbers in action.

Who is to blame? We keep getting the finger pointing. The only thing we did wrong on April 16, 2012 was getting off the crowded freeway during a 18-wheeler accident. God probably warned us to avoid a restaurant we planned to visit since leaving San Antonio. It is unfortunate we decided to visit Houston, Tx. It is the last time I enter this disaster zone. The crime ridden city is a sad place to visit, as proven 5 days after our loss that four banks are robbed in broad daylight.

I doubt Houston police are working overtime to solve cases. When you call the Houston police department, you have to repeat your case number several times to the police officers. One time a Houston police officer stated that a 5-year child could break into a car.

I don’t doubt the officer’s claims, especially with the poor security at Carrabba’s and the Houston police dragging their feet to view the surveillance footage. Moreover, the Houston police never requested the information from a third party company. I called this company, which through my discovery enabled me to put the puzzle pieces together. They refused to give me this confidential information unless the Houston police requested it the right way.

Meanwhile, the Houston police failed to follow the proper steps to retrieve the sensitive information.I called the Houston police a few times per week until week 5. This is when the Houston police stated they assigned an officer to the case. The case officer never returned our call. Big difference from the Santa Clara and San Jose police. They act quick to apprehend criminals breaking the law.

In Houston, crime is inevitable. The ABC 13 is proof that delaying an investigation can create shock waves in the Houston crime rate. Think twice before visiting Houston. Travelers don’t deserve to lose their valuable possessions. In our case, we relocated to find relief. Unfortunately, criminals bashed out our window in broad daylight while the security team are on an extended break. Then, the criminals steal everything we own with ease. The police officer working for the Carrabba’s restaurant decides to interrogate me about being a Houston resident with a specific name.

Wow! Houston, we have a problem. You are ranked number #1 as the worst place to visit in the United States. Your police station are slow to investigate a case involving $10,000+ in personal belongings and thousands more in intellectual property that can never be replaced. A U.S. Passport, Social Security card, tax documents, car registration, car insurance papers, and God all knows what else we lost. The list of 5 pages long, which we know because we transfered our possessions into hotel rooms across the country.

Reno, Denver, Rapid City, Boulder, Rapid City, and San Antonio were good to us. It took the 10th day of travel to get jacked in Houston, Texas. It took less than an hour, an incident the original Carrabba’s states is a fist time event. It is bound to happen with their poor security policy. If you want to make money with converting traditional parking to valet parking, and then build a parking structure to house guest, you are asking for problems with keeping a gap open.

According to a security professional I know back in California, the facts of the case point to some shady practices. The surveillance tape could tell the tale of the heist job. Anytime another group steals many valuables, they know how to get what they want. However, busting out the window to project glass all over the place is sloppy. Professionals could jimmy the car to make less commotion.

Thanks to the criminals, Carrabba’s, and the Houston police acting slow, we have zero chance recovering our valuable possessions. I doubt I will see my movie scripts, quote book of 3,500 original quotes that took 3 years to write, 200 movie taglines, government papers I wrote in graduate school, thousands of pages of samples, and many pictures along our cross country trip and dating back to 2006.

The thieves even took my dress slacks, so now I can’t go on an interview this week. My resumes are inside the computer. Lets not forget that my Social Security card is gone too. Houston, Texas is a memorable experience. It is a nightmare to visit Houston, the disaster I want to forget. I wouldn’t go to the city if zombies raved the country and Houston remained the last safe place. You can’t expect the police to protect you there. They are too busy dealing with violent crimes than to apprehend criminals who are probably a part of the crime rate.

Visit Houston, Texas at your own risk. Beware of criminals trying to steal your dreams away. .  .

Visit Houston ABC news website to read the four robberies story click here

Houston Countdown – 9 weeks tomorrow after Houston robbery – no action

Tomorrow will be 9 weeks since we got robbed while making a 1-hour+ dine-in stop in Houston, Texas at the original Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Between the Houston police and Carrabba’s corporate, neither have followed-up in the case to apprehend the robbers.

The Houston countdown continues on until Houston police and or Carrabba’s corporate take action. It is wrong to suggest crime happens on every corner in America. We’ve driven cross-country twice in 7 years. We drove all over America.

Our 1-hour+ stop at the exact time security is on their 3-hour break and that surveillance footage is not being reviewing is suspect to more than meets the eye. After making many calls and faxing sensitive documents to the Houston police department, the theft/robbery case remains cold. We have never spoken to anyone of importance in the case. One Houston police officer claimed that any small kid can break into a car.

Would you feel safe visiting a city if the police department refuse to engage in a serous crime? Probably not. Based on the facts, Houston police are sitting on evidence that can help them to locate criminals. Maybe these criminals are part of a crime network in Houston, Texas. Carrabba’s and Houston police could care less. It is not their life that is ruined. We have to deal with the hardship connected to the loss.

We respect hard working public service officials. We hold Master’s degrees in Public Administration. I served in the military as a medical technician. This is the type of treatment we receive after criminals are allowed to do what they want while security is on an extended break due to Carrabba’s trying to save money. If they pay thousands per week to provide state-of-the-art security, then they are wasting their money. It is like only locking your door and or safe 75% of the time. Therefore, you leave a 5% window of opportunity open.

Carrabba’s 3-hour window is leaving 25% chance robbers can break windows, steal possessions and vandalize property. Their response to the matter is that people are robbed on every street corner in America. They always share a personal experience to minimize the loss. One time it is a personal hit and run experience. Another occasion, an employee got their gym bag with workout gear stolen. Every excuse in the book is served up except reviewing video surveillance of the robbers in action and following-up on a major lead with vital information.

What we have here in this theft/robbery case is evidence that Houston police, security officer working for the police department, and the restaurant refusing to take accountability for their actions. They waited too long to engage into the case. The common excuse is that Houston police have too many serious crimes going on that they won’t investigate a serious theft with thousands of dollars of valuables, U.S. Passport, Social Security, tax documents, information, and thousands more in intellectual property is viewed as a minor situation.

If you are a Houston resident and or a traveler, hopefully you’re treated better than us. This entire experience is frustrating. The restaurant should never make comments to suggest they will cooperate when their actions are too avoid responsibility. We never got a call once from Carrabba’s. We had drive through five states in unsafe conditions with no window. We couldn’t sleep anywhere. Fog and rain smothered us. Bugs poured into the car space. You can’t imagine the nightmare.

This entire disaster is all because we decided to use a Carrabba’s gift card to dine in the original Carrabba’s Italian Grill at 3115 Kirby Drive in Houston, Texas. An accident that day tried to divert us away from reaching Carrabba’s. We could have used the gift card in Denver, Colorado a week prior, but the restaurant didn’t open up until 4p.m. The perfect storm arrived at one of the original Carabba’s Italian Grill restaurants. Their security is not hired on for 3-hours in the afternoon. We arrived in an exclusive Houston area. In a matter of 1 hour, our window got broken out with surveillance filming the event. All our personal possessions were stolen, including valuable intellectual property which is irreplaceable.

We get the runaround. Maybe the events in this case will help another family to avoid our fate. Because in this Houston robbery, we have heard from the police department and the restaurant. You think this restaurant would cooperate to resolve a first time robbery on their property. It is the right thing to do. Moreover, the security officer connected with the restaurant boosted our spirits that they would do everything possible to review the tape. Thus, the Houston police can locate the robbers.

However, the biggest crime (in our opinion) is allowing the case to get cold. 9 weeks later, the robbers are counting the funds they made from the heist job. We also lost all our pictures from 2006-2012, including new pictures we took at Roswell, NM, Mount Rushmore, Denver, Colorado, Boulder, Co, and San Antonio. I remember carrying my Apple computer into the Alamo. I even wore my Aviator leather jacket with the blistering heat pounding down on me.

Safety in Houston is an illusion. We never got robbed once. In one hour time, poor security at the original Carrabba’s Italian Grill in Houston, Texas resulted in a life-changing experience. 9 weeks later, the Houston countdown is ticking away. The clock will keep ticking. We realize that nobody cares in Houston.

We will continue to serve up the facts. If you have surveillance of the robbers in action, then what is the holdup? Why not pursue a lead? Simple instructions were given to the Houston police to request information. According to the company, Houston police never faxed the request. 7 weeks later, the information is collecting dust. They possessed the ability to investigate the information since April 18.

Beware of Houston, Texas. If you visit Houston, Texas, then make sure you pay close attention to any suspicious people. Is it really worth the stress to visit Houston? I doubt we will want to relive the Houston nightmare again. Be safe. Take precautions. Don’t trust anyone. based on our experience, don’t expect quick results in a crime committed against you unless it is very serious. Good luck.

Houston Countdown clock on HoustonTravelExperience

Houston Police Department are slow and ineffective

Today is Day 12 since Houston police were given a valuable lead to apprehend the criminals responsible in our car robbery. The Houston police put forth no effort. They’ve held a list of stolen possessions approximately 4 weeks today.  Nearly two weeks ago, we provided the Houston police an excellent lead to identify a recipient and or a robber’s identity.

The Houston police were supposed to submit a request to a company to retrieve sensitive information. An officer inputted the required steps in their system. Last week, we followed-up with the Houston police to determine whether they pursued the lead. However, the police officer informed us that our case is sitting in a supervisor’s box waiting to be signed off. He noted that a supervisor would call me.

Almost a week later, we are still waiting on the call. Today is 4-weeks since we got robbed at the original Carrabba’s Italian Grill located on 3115 Kirby Drive in Houston, Texas. $10,000+ in personal belongs, $240 broken window cost, and thousands in intellectual property and sensitive documents were stolen in the car theft.

Inadequate police and video surveillance enabled the car robbers to enjoy a buffet at the expense of us. Who else would bust out a driver window in broad daylight, and then remove heavy items inside the vehicle – nothing was exposed out in the open to entice the robbers. It is quite possible the California license plates attracted the criminal leeches.

Whereas security is not mandatory, having poor security and ineffective video surveillance increased the risk factor. Houston is a crime city with a police department unwilling to engage in a criminal matter. Their purpose is to keep the city safe – residents and travelers.

Houston police have held valuable evidence in their possession for 12 days. Previously, the same information has been collecting dust 4-weeks now. I called another company using information Houston police have access to, telling the legal department to release information to me or else I would seek legal representation. Therefore, the company requested Houston to submit a request, which then they would release a name.

12 days later, Houston police are allowing the lead to go cold. 4-weeks after the robbery, Houston police are still deciding on who will be assigned to the theft case. While our case file is collecting dust in the supervisor’s box, the robbers are in pursuit to steal from innocent travelers and residents. Our case seems to be connected to Houston’s high crime rate. According to crime rate data, Houston has a crime index of 3, with 100 being the safest and 1 as the worst. Detroit, Michigan holds a crime rate of 1.

Houston has a high crime rate that exceeds most Texas cities. Waiting to act on good evidence is either a policy or thus an excuse to apprehend criminals. We have video surveillance recording the robbery. Houston police have the power to retrieve a name connected to the robbery. Forget about Houston police taking fingerprints of the robbers, instead they harassed me. The police officer questioned who I was and if I am a certain Houston resident. Is this a case of mistaken identity or ineffective police work. How in the world would I register a car with California plates in Houston? Does that even make any sense?

Maybe the police officer working for the restaurant failed to perform their job right. Once the timeline is prepared, we will discover the exact time the robbers broke the window and took our most valuable possessions. You’d think customers and or the security officers would see these robbers lugging out large luggage, bags, and other items.  All we heard was excuses that this exclusive Houston area is safe and nothing like this ever happened here before.

Besides Carrabba’s sweeping out the glass, replenishing the gift card and offering a couple of soft drinks, the restaurant corporation pretty much swept the first time incident under their rug. They refuse to cooperate, and or follow-up with us. We drove through 5 states with a broken window, unable to sleep and enduring rain and fog. How can you trust parking a car with a broken window at a hotel parking lot? The robbers took our best possessions. They left us with a mess to clean up.

Houston police, Carrabba’s, and Town and Country insurance have done little to pursue the case. Shouldn’t a business want to cooperate? A first time robbery on their premises is enough to change their security habits. To give security a three hour break in the afternoon is now risky with our robbery experience in the books. Carrabba’s refuses to cover the cost of the items and the window. They were too cheap to provide security to fullest extent.

Customers want to dine at a safe restaurant. With the April 16, 2012 robbery in their new parking structure with state-of-the-art video surveillance and top notch security, we got robbed since the window of opportunity enabled the robbers to clean out our car. There is more to the robbery than we know. Why are Houston police so slow and ineffective? What is the reason Carrabba’s Italian Grill is trying to avoid the first time theft incident on their premises? Is Town and Country insurance one of those insurance companies in Houston that purposely sway victims from filing claims?

Houston, we have a problem. The Houston police are slow and ineffective. We might as well give them the name of one of the robbers or person who purchased a stolen item belonging to us. The company is refusing to release the information unless the proper legal steps are taken to minimize risk. This company is protecting another criminal. Because when all is said and done, we can identify Houston police as part of the crime rate. San Jose and Santa Clara police resolved an identity case matter in two weeks. I helped the police with connecting the victims to the perpetrator. This time around, the crime is much more serious with sensitive documents and valuable possessions. Even so, thousands in intellectual property are stored in the computer and in original books.

Visit Houston at your own risk. You will probably experience crime against you. The Houston police will work slow to solve the case. It is best to stay clear of Kirby Drive. A rich area is a criminal hotspot, so the chance at becoming a victim is much greater. If we can inform the traveling population and residents living in Houston to be extra careful, then our robbery experience will be worth the hardship.

We relocated from Southern California to Central Florida. No city along the way created any problems until we decided to visit Houston to have a late lunch at the original Carrabba’s Italian Grill located on 3115 Kirby Drive in Houston, Texas, The heavy traffic due to a 18-wheeler accident gave us a chance to avoid Houston. However, the hour long traffic motivated us to use GPS to reach the restaurant at the exact time security is not hired on to guard the premises. Robbers broke out our driver side window in broad daylight and removed our car registration, insurance information, U.S. Passport, Social Security card, Apple Laptop, two digital cameras, DVD cam, large suitcase, small suitcase with purses, gold jewelry, and much more. We lose valuable intellectual property that could never be retrieved again.

Our lives changed to the point in which even our resumes stored inside the computer delayed our planned job search. After a month, we are completely broke. We have no jobs. we lost our most valuable possessions in our first time getting robbed. Houston police are taking their time on a slam dunk case. They can easily call to retrieve the evidence to solve the case. Then, the original Carrabba’s Italian Grill seem to have forgotten that a robbery occurred on their watch while their security team is on an extended break. The mall parking structure is much more safe than Carrabba’s new parking structure.

We parked in plain sight. What if we parked on top of the structure during the night? The robbers would probably have stolen the car. It is an unfortunate experience, especially when you relocated to seek relief. There are no good jobs out in Southern California. We hold seven college degrees, including 2 Master’s degrees in Public Administration. Now we must deal with a slow Houston police department engaging into our theft case. A Carrabba’s restaurant is thus staying clear, claiming that people get robbed on every corner across America.

The truth is that not many people are robbed in broad daylight at a restaurant claiming their security system is top rated. How can you feel safe dining there? We traveled across America. In downtown San Antonio, we parked underneath a city bridge reserved for the hotel. The hotel hired on one security guard to survey the area. No incident occurred. But in Houston, Texas, the security team is not hired on between a 3-hour time frame in the afternoon. We got robbed after dining only 1-hour in the restaurant. While we struggled to eat the Italian food, robbers helped themselves to our possessions.

Maybe the truth will be uncovered soon. We will see who in fact is responsible for this robbery. Houston is an unsafe city. Learn the facts to protect your family, friends, and yourself. Never snooze for one minute because that is the time robbers will steal your possessions and may possibly insult you. Don’t become the next Houston victim. We have no clue why Houston police are slow. Eventually, Houston police will pursue the case. This Wednesday is two weeks since they were given a valuable lead. Today is 4-weeks after the valuable paper has rested in their hands, one that could have helped them to locate the responsible party a few weeks ago. My legwork enable me to find the lead 12 days ago.

Now it is up to Houston police to perform their job ethically and responsibly. I want to know who robbed us. Hopefully, Houston police feel the same way. These robbers are probably out creating havoc again when simple actions could locate them. Houston police need to view the surveillance footage and follow the lead given to them almost a month ago and again a few weeks ago.

Traveler alert: Avoid dining at any restaurant on Kirby Drive in Houston

According to Houston police officer, criminals are targeting highly exclusive areas. Kirby Drive in Houston is a place that travelers should avoid. A quick stop at a restaurant to have lunch will possibly result in losing your possessions. 

Houston robbers don’t care to break your window in broad daylight with people passing by them. Soon enough, video surveillance will demonstrate how selfish people are in Houston. 

What would you do if you witnessed criminals busting out a window and scavenging inside a car to steal possessions? Would you call 911? Or would you just ignore the incident? With customers go in and out of the original Carrabba’s Italian Grill, there must have been at least one person who witnessed the robbery.

Video surveillance aimed on the vehicle is enough evidence to convict the robbers. There is already another piece of evidence, damaging clue that can help to apprehend these criminals. However, Houston police are slow to draw. They have sat on the theft case for a month now without assigning an officer.

100 percent chance that we would not have gotten robbed at the original Carrabba’s Italian Grill if their security had been hired on for those three hours in the afternoon. It is likely the criminals are aware of the time gap.

Avoid dining anywhere in Houston while traveling. Criminals will target your vehicles to steal you blind. Good luck. 

How long does it take to get robbed in Houston, Texas?

Have you visited Houston, Texas? Preparing to visit Houston? Do you want to know how long it takes to get robbed in Houston? Houston is a high crime city. Whereas car thefts have gone down, car break-ins are on the rise.

As a Houston traveler, your chances in getting robbed are high. It only takes a few minutes to get robbed. All Houston criminals need to do is break out your window. Bingo! The thieves can then gain access to your entire vehicle.

Once Houston thieves enter your vehicle, they will scavenge every possession. They will dig into your glove compartment to steal important documents such as insurance and vehicle registration.

Video surveillance and security will not deter Houston crime. Giving a security team a three hour break opens the window of opportunity, increasing your chance as a victim. Don’t expect Houston police to investigate robberies and thefts. After a month, the Houston police department will make up excuses and ask you to repeat your case number several times.

How long does it takes to get robbed in Houston, Texas. If you stop in Houston for an hour, you increase your percentage tenfold. You can stop in an exclusive area, and then dine for about an hour. When you return to your vehicle, your personal belongings and car could be gone.

From experience, Houston police are slow. Their staff experience difficulty confirming a case number. You might be asked several times to repeat the case number, each time you will be told the number is nit right. Houston police give the same excuse – a supervisor will call you.

How long does it takes Houston police to investigate a slam dunk theft case? The Houston police have waited a month, even with excellent evidence to locate the thieves. However, police in Houston seem lazy and uninspired to perform their jobs. Operators will show no respect, raising their voice to claim your case number is invalid a day after another operator confirmed the case a day prior.

If you visit Houston, be careful not to trust any person. It is highly improbable that a group of robbers will break out a window and remove heavy possessions sealed inside bags. Whereas many skeptics reject an out of state license plate as a magnet, it is poor security and faulty surveillance that is suspect to the crime.

It doesn’t matter where you travel, though Houston is a hotspot crime city. Lowlife criminals have nothing better to do than steal from hard working people. They would steal your food leftovers.

Do you want to become another crime rate statistic in Houston, Texas? Want to reduce your risk? Feel Houston police make too many excuses? With video surveillance and a few good leads, San Jose and Santa Clara police can apprehend the criminals in a few weeks. The Houston Police Department have waited a month to do anything.

Last week, the Houston police were given a big tip to track down a person possibly responsible for the robbery. Almost two weeks later, Houston police are still deciding who will be assigned to the case. A supervisor will eventually decide to call us back to ask basic questions. No wonder the Houston crime rate is so high.

We have slow police, poor security at the original Carrabba’s Italian Grill, and video surveillance that is wasted evidence. By this time, the robbers made money selling the possessions and may plan to use the information to commit identity theft. They have a U.S. Passport, Social Security card, resumes, car registration, vehicle insurance, addresses, personal belongings, books with account information, intellectual property, and more.

It only takes a few minutes to get robbed in Houston. If you are a traveler, don’t get fooled with the rich areas. Don’t stop in restaurants to dine, especially in the original Carrabba’s Italian Grill on 3115 Kirby Drive. Their restaurant does not hire on security between 2-5pm each day. Video surveillance has little play in locating robbers a month or more after the incident.

Houston, Texas is one of the most unsafe cities in America. We stayed in San Antonio a few days without incident. The car was safe the entire time. However, a 1 hour stop to dine in the original Carrabba’s resulted in a $10,000+ theft in personal belongings and another $30, 000-$100,000+ of intellectual property. Houston police could care less about crime. They will eventually reach your case 6 months to a year later when you already moved on with your life.

Do you want to avoid getting robbed? Your best bet is to get gas an hour before reaching Houston to avoid the high crime city. Keep out of Houston to protect your family and yourself. You will thank yourself later. It is not worth visiting Houston to lose your possessions and risk getting assaulted and possibly murdered.

One hour is enough time to get robbed in Houston. You don’t have to plan a day out in Houston. Houston thieves will target poor security areas with gaps between their surveillance. An Italian restaurant such as the original Carrabba’s will reject even paying for stolen possessions and a broken window. Their excuse is that crime is common across America. This is Carrabba’s excuse to deal with what they claim is a first time robbery.

If you decide to dine at the original Carrabba’s Italian Grill on 3115 Kirby Drive, just know that paying $21-30 per person is not worth losing your belongings. While you are eating mediocre Italian food, robbers will steal your possessions. Town and Country insurance company representing Carrabba’s will suggest that crime is common in America. Furthermore, Carrabba’s is not required to provide security – just know that their security is hired on between 2-5pm for some unknown reason.

Carrabba’s and their security team increased the risk. Not many Houston robbers are brave enough to bust out a window in broad daylight and remove heavy possessions that take more than 5 minutes. With patrons possibly passing by these criminals, the video surveillance and inadequate security are useless. Does it makes sense to have security on between 7-11am when the restaurant is closed? But on the opposing side, the restaurant assumes they don’t need security on between 2-5pm.

Security reduces crime. If a window is smashed in broad daylight, a security officer could intervene. If acceptable for Carrabba’s security officer to mistaken you as a Houston resident, harassing victims in a robbery. Maybe the security team should be more competent. You don’t lock your front door 99% of the time to leave open a window of opportunity.

According to a Houston officer, car thefts have reduced and car break-ins are increasing. it is apparent Houston police are under-staffed and or could care less about victims. If you visit Houston, you may get robbed. It only takes a few minutes to lose everything you own, including your life.